Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It's that time again...

The Antiques Appraisal night is on again, this time it's October 27th at the First Parish Church United in Westford, MA.  Tickets will be available in the next week or so but you can purchase early if you want.  We expect this show to sell out early like all the others.

The meeting was on the quiet side this morning probably due to all the rain which we so desperately need.  Carl mentioned that's he's doing a walk to support research on Progeria.  You can make pledges at this site  I'm sure he appreciates any contributions large or small.

Finally, Al's prayer this morning was taken from the Webster club and we're not sure if he lost the prayer for the Wellesley club which is obviously his favorite.  Let's see what happens next week. 

If you're curiuos about our club or about Rotary, stop in for  breakfast or coffee.