Saturday, June 30, 2007

Need To Do A Make-Up? Make-Up Online With eClubs

Rotary formed eClubs in 2001 for members to do makeups on line. Below is a list of those English Speaking Clubs where you can get makeups.

Rotary eClub One:
Rotary eClub of 3310:
Rotary eClub of District 7890:
Rotary eClub of Southwest USA, District 5510:
Rotary e-Club NY1 of District 7150:
Rotary eClub of London Centenary, District 1130:

Want to learn more:

Here is a link to a list of all the eClubs around the world:

Saturday, June 23, 2007

MV Rotary Set 07-08 Goals

MVR will support the Foundation with a contribution of at least $1,500.

MVR will raise $8,000 to build a new ring for THE FARM, and equine therapy organization in Tewksbury. We plan on building the ring in the Summer of 2008.

We will continue the practice of giving $500 annual scholarship contributions to the High Schools in the 7 towns that we represent. We will look into giving scholarships to other schools in our area.

With the help of a marketing campaign and recruitment “sales contest” and sales tools as well as speakers and a public relations campaign the Merrimack Valley Rotary hopes to grow by 10 members.

New Member Orientation
We will develop a new member orientation program which will be given to all new members within a month of their arrival.

Service Programs (Locally and Internationally)
We will look into supporting a literacy program both locally (07) and internationally (08).

Community Support
The Club will put aside fund to help Rotary causes that are presented to us during the year).

Service Above Self Projects
The MVRotary will Seek out a least four acts of Service Above Self that the club can do for the community…these are events that will not cost the Club money but will involved the donation of time and/or caring.

Ambassadorial Scholar
In the Spring of 2008 we will submit an Ambassadorial Scholar candidate to the District.

Speaker Program
Look into the possibility of holding a speaker series of speakers on Antiques for a fundraiser for the club.

Public Relations
The Club will develop a speaker strategy geared at attracting people to the meeting as well as gaining local publicity. The Club will also develop some ongoing PR events to gain press.

Area Conference
The MVRotary will look into hosting at least one area conference that will involve the Clubs in the local area To be held on a Saturday morning. Speakers could include Fundraising, Recruitment, Foundation. and Computers. Breakfast and coffee…proceeds to go to the Foundation.

The Club By-Laws have not been updated since the Club has been formed. We will form a committee to update this document.

Vocational Project
The Club will conduct at least one vocational project during

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Antiques Night Had Something For Everyone!

The Merrimack Valley Rotary Antiques Appraisal Night was a night full of surprises and entertainment!
And who would have thought that of an antiques show!
There was the painting that was worth $30- $50 thousand. Then there was the music box that still played when you inserted a penny. The value of that box came in at over $5,000. But there was also the entertainer and very knowledgable Skinner Appraiser Stuart Whitehurst, who keep the crowd anxiously awaiting his comments on the next item. Stuart was recognizable by many as he is one of the hosts of PBS's Antiques Road Show.
"If I tell you that it is cute, you will know it has no value, " he told the crowd. And everyone hoped that their item was not "cute." But there were some "cute" items there and the owners seemed thankful to know that what they thought was a gem was just a stone.

Then, there was his lesson on clocks. Most clocks are not clocks, they are time pieces he explained. "A clock has to have a chime to be a clock." Stuart said.
The crowd was entertained prior to the show by the music of local talent Fred Lospennato of the Strolling Serenades,

Overall, it was a great night and the Merrimack Valley Rotary says that they will do it again next year!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Squirrel Baffler And More Gets Its Day At MVR

It was Inventor's Day on May 30 and Merrimack Valley Rotary's chief inventor, Al Jean, was at center stage. Al, who has invented dozens of devices, treated the MVR to a show and tell of some of his most famous inventions.

These included the Squirrel Baffler (shown), which keeps the squirrels away from the bird seed. Al says that the score is Al 3 (years), squirral 0. He also showed the Club his Pine scented broom (show with Al); the contact lens devise (Al demonstrates how easy it is to use); the candy cane (shown) which makes it easy to store your cane while playing golf); and the dress pant rack (which neatly stores dozens and dozens of pants). And on and on and on. Truley amazing!

Al inventive brain is always working so, the Club is anxiously waiting to hear about his next brain storm!

MVR Has Gone To The Dogs (And Horses)

The dogs were hot and the horses were cool, but all-in-all it was a good day for the Merrimack Valley Rotary Club. On Sunday, June 3, the Merrimack Valley Rotary held their biannual hot dogs sales at the Old North Bridge Hound's pace event in at the Great Brook Farm in Carlislie, Massachusetts. The pace event is a horse competition which attracts equistrians from all over the area. Despite the fact that it was a cold and drizzly day, the event was active and the Rotary brought plenty of food for everyone, even the horses! Next event will be in September!