Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Squirrel Baffler And More Gets Its Day At MVR

It was Inventor's Day on May 30 and Merrimack Valley Rotary's chief inventor, Al Jean, was at center stage. Al, who has invented dozens of devices, treated the MVR to a show and tell of some of his most famous inventions.

These included the Squirrel Baffler (shown), which keeps the squirrels away from the bird seed. Al says that the score is Al 3 (years), squirral 0. He also showed the Club his Pine scented broom (show with Al); the contact lens devise (Al demonstrates how easy it is to use); the candy cane (shown) which makes it easy to store your cane while playing golf); and the dress pant rack (which neatly stores dozens and dozens of pants). And on and on and on. Truley amazing!

Al inventive brain is always working so, the Club is anxiously waiting to hear about his next brain storm!

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