Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bob McDonald Woodchuck Award Presented

The Merrimack Valley Club awarded the first ever "Bob McDonald Woodchuck Award" at their club meeting January 31st. The award was presented by current President Gordon "Hum" Neville to Bob McDonald in recognition of his recurring dream and subsequent tales about a woodchuck that stole his winning lottery ticket. It appears that Bob has been plagued visions of this Woodchuck for many years. Ken Masson, the creator of the award, felt that the story has been told so many times that an event commemorating his tale was long overdue. Bob also received a scratch lottery ticket which wasn't a winner.The Merrimack Valley Club will each year bestow this prestigious award upon the Rotarian that tells the biggest tale at one of our meetings. The award will be presented on the closest club meeting day to Groundhog day each year. Rotarians are welcome to join us for the ceremonies. We always look forward to having Rotarians visit our club with their stories. It's a great opportunity for fellowship and we always enjoy seeing new faces as well as the regulars. Think you have a winning tale?? Do a make up with us and you might be next years winner.Move over Punxsutawney Phil, the Merrimack Valley Club has the Bob McDonald Woodchuck Award !!

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