Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rotarians Give It The Pie Try

On the day before Thanksgiving, The Merrimack Valley Rotary held its First Annual Apple Pie Baking Contest .

It was a tough competition as all sorts of pies were entered including: a pie with chocolate chips baked in the filling, a pie with cheese baked into the crust, a pie that was baked just minutes before the meeting and more!

The tension mounted as the judge, George Burliss, co-owner of Skips Restaurant in Chelmsford, walked into the room. So who won? In the end the traditional pie won!

And who was the winning baker? Club President Ken Masson! There were some good natured ribbing bout Ken, who was the organizer of the contest. Some sore losers questioned if he payed the judge off...but that would not be the Rotary way! It was won with a good pie try!

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