Saturday, January 19, 2008

MV Rotary Told That Identity Theft Is Fastest Growing Crime

Gail Beaudoin, of the Chelmsford, Massachusetts told the Merrimack Valley Rotary Club that Identity Theft is hard to stop once it gets started. So the best way to avoid it is to prevent it.

She told the group that prevention starts with investing in a shredder. Thief's will go through your trash to get your personal information she said. She talked about a local case where people went through the dumpster of a chiropractor and with the information they got, they were able to get a mortgage.

"Don't give out any information out!" she warned. People will call your house or send you emails trying to get information, but the best rule is if you don't know them, don't tell them anything Gail explained.

Theft can go right into the Internet and plug in your telephone number and get all sorts of information about you. So you have to be cautious, she said.

She also said that you should never keep your PIN number to your ATM card in any public place. Many people write it on the back of the card. Once people get that number they can get access to your money, she said.

Regarding credit cards, she say if you go a month without seeing your credit card bill, call the credit card company. It could mean that something is going on.

Another concern she talked about is contractors. If you don't call a contractor and they just drop by your house, promise to do work, don't trust them. This is one form of a scam beause they will take your down payment and never come back.

She concluded by saying that you feel that you are a victim of Identity Theft or Fraud, call the Police Department.

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