Monday, April 21, 2008

New Site Designed To Help Centre For Special Needs In Bangladesh

Merrimack Valley Rotarian Carl Good continues to work toward raising awareness and Centre for Children For Special Needs in Bangladesh. Carl visited and was inspired by the efforts of this school during a recent Rotary trip to the area several months ago.

A matching grant application is being filed with Rotary International for the Centre and Carl is asking Clubs to help raise money for this important effort. Merrimack Valley Rotary is planning a fund raisers dedicated to this Centre. Carl has developed a web site about the Centre it is worth viewing:

Below is an excerpt from that web site:

Children in developing countries are more prone to suffer from many of the preventable causes of disability and are least likely to receive help and social understanding. Disability is closely associated with poverty. WHO and UNICEF estimates the prevalence between 5 and 10%. The prevalence of disabled persons per 1000 population of Bangladesh is 6.04; of this only 7.5% received treatment at upazilla complex and 4.5% at zilla health complex in the year 2002 (health and demographic survey, 2002, BBS) .