Monday, September 1, 2008

MV Rotary's Ironman Achieve's His Goal! Yeah!

Congratulations to MV Rotarian Jim Fitton who completed the Louisville 2008 Ironman race in 11 hours and 53 minutes. He was 280 out of a field of 1975 people. Not only was competing in the race and finishing it a impressive accomplishment, but it is an inspiration for all of us who aspire to achieve goals. Jim set in his mind his race as a goal, and he did it! Yeah Jim! We can hardly wait until he gets back to a meeting to tell us all about it!

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James said...

Hi Everyone!

I finished the race and I am still alive! I'm actually feeling pretty good right now, I have been eating and drinking fluids all day while seeing some of Louisville's landmarks with my family. My #1 goal was to finish the race and #2 was to break the 12 hour mark, which I accomplished both! I will be back in town tomorrow and I will see everyone on Wednesday morning!!