Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MV Rotarians Learn That Food Banks Needs All The Help They Can Get

Amy Pessia, Executive Director of the Merrimack Valley Food Bank, told the Merrimack Valley Rotarians that there is a critical need for food right now. But, she did mention to the members that there is a need throughout the year. So that it is important to remember the Food Bank now, but also during June, July and August.

The Food Bank is a community-supported non-profit organization that provides nutritious food and personal care items to emergency feeding programs serving the low-income, homeless and hungry. They are one of four food banks in Massachusetts.

Their mission statement says that "the focus of the Merrimack Valley Food Bank is to help meet a person's most profound need - adequate nutrition and freedom from hunger.Because of the current economic conditions, human service agencies are finding it difficult to find food for their clients. Only through cooperative efforts can society initiate change develop strategies to alleviate hunger and work toward the well being of all people.It is a basic human need to have adequate access to an environment conducive to well- being, which includes food, shelter and clothing. "
In October 1993, they formed their own non-profit organization after separating from the Middlesex Shelter (now the Lowell Transitional Living Center). They started with little funding, a donated U-Haul truck, free space in an old mill building, a twenty- year old refrigerator/freezer, four food companies and six agencies in Lowell. They have grown tremendously since then, thanks to their many friends and partners.
They Have Grown
They now occupy two levels of a historic mill building in Lowell, and have 2 refrigerated trucks. Their facility has a large refrigerated storage area as well as two large walk-in freezers. They have expanded their service areas to include the Merrimack Valley and North Shore. They now operate 7 programs and have increased their agency base to over 110. Most recently merged with M/A-COM Food Share's Mobile Pantry and Summer Lunch programs in 2004, and to continue these important feeding projects.
For More Information
If you want more information on the Food Bank visit their web site at:

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