Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weekly meeting - May 25

Light turnout this morning, looks like people are getting busier at work these days.  We had a very interesting presentation given by Bob Schecter from the Framingham club.  Bob lived and worked in Africa during his college years.  I'm a little fuzzy on the country but I believe it was Zambia.  The Framingham club is working on a matching grant to supply school supplies, clothing and other essentials in this area. 

We had a minor discussion on new fundraising ideas including one on a Broomball Tournament in Lowell.  More information and some number crunching is needed to understand the requirements and the costs associated with an event like this.  Initially the Tsongas Arena was thought to be a good location but thinking it through, only the finals would be held in the arena.  Elimination rounds up to the Semis would be held at local rinks. 

Other discussions included an expansion of the scholarship program to include a Regional Vocational school in Lowell brining the annual total to 7.   We'll need to raise additional funds to support the new school and Bob McDonald will guide us on the additional amount needed keep the account sustainable.  The scholarship set up in Andover earlier this year reduced the principle on the primary scholarship fund.  Growth is a good thing!

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