Monday, August 13, 2007

Revolving Museum Brings Creativitity To MVR Breakfast

Jerry Beck, the Artistic Director of the Revolving Museum in Lowell, recently treated the members of the MVR to a verbal tour of the Museum's history, philosophy and exhibits.
Beck told the group that the Revolving Museum is an evolving laboratory of creative expression for people of all backgrounds, ages, and abilities who seek to experience the transformative power of art. Through public art, exhibitions, and educational programs we promote artistic exploration and appreciation, encourage community participation and growth, and provide opportunities for individual empowerment and collective change.

In March of 2002, at the invitation of the City of Lowell, The Revolving Museum moved into the historic 1859 Lowell Gas and Light building at 22 Shaddock Street in Lowell.
As a catalyst and contributor to many of Lowell’s annual events, The Revolving Museum has helped build exciting destinations and public spaces that celebrate the community as a whole. Their vision creates bridges and strategies that help civic leaders understand how culture can have an impact on urban revitalization. The Revolving Museum upholds the premise that, given the opportunity, everyone can utilize his or her own creative talents to contribute to the well being of the community. In partnership with the City of Lowell, The Revolving Museum is leading the way to a more unified, revitalized, and resourceful city.

One of the Museum most ambitious projects called Artventures is taking place in Lowell this year. It is a comprehensive and eclectic series of events combining public art projects, urban revitalization projects, and a city-wide celebration that has great potential to celebrate Lowell's extraordinary cultural community and generate new and increased tourism in Lowell.
This innovative enterprise uses a range of public art, marketing strategies, education programs, and beautification projects to transform three historically significant yet underutilized public spaces. For more information on Artventures:

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