Saturday, August 25, 2007

There Is A Lot To Like About Mike!

Mike Peterson, one of the MVR's latest members, recently gave his classification speech to the Club.

Mike is a senior loan officer with Mortgage Partners in Dracut. He has been there for 7 years. Mortage Partners makes real estate loans in the local area including Masschusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Mortage Partners is licensed as a banker, not a broker, and are subject to more stringent licensing and net worth requirements than most brokers. Being a banker, they have the ability to process, underwrite, and fund loans in-house. They control the loan process completely. They do sell most of the loans that they make , which gives them fexibility of finding the best offer for their buyers.

Mike says that when he is not making loans he likes to play many sports, ride his motorcycle and be with his family. He is married with two kids and two sheltie collies. He went to school at Austin Prep in Reading, Massachusetts and the University of Lowell. He says he loves Christmas movies and all kinds of comidies. His favorite foods are pizza and chicken!

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