Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Carl Takes Boat Trip Down River in Dhaka

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On the 12th we drove outside Dhaka and took a boat down a river to a small village where one of our Rotary host's mother owned some land. It was just like a travellog with people on the shore washing, cattle grazing in the fields and rice paddys in the distance. In the village we visited a home and school. All very picturesc but very mninimal. Although this is their winter it was hot and in some ways life is eash. However, they live on the edge and if anything goes wrong it can be a tragedy.

One of the purposes of our being taken to hosptials and sites like this is for the local Rotarians to sell us on establishing joint projects to provide support. I means a lot more to see these places "in the flesh" than to read a brochure.

During our trip we have seen many people including women breaking bricks in to small pieces. At first we though that they were recycling old bricks but many seemed new. On our ride to the river and village we saw massive chimnies and kilns with bricks all around. It turns out that being a tidal plane they have no rocks. So, the make bricks from local clay and then break them up for morter used in construction and and for road surfacing.


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