Monday, December 17, 2007

Final Day Is Spent Visiting Rotary Schools For Handicapped Children In India

Merrimack Valley Rotary's Carl Good has spent the last two weeks in India and Bangladesh working to eradicate polio in the area. This is his final report from the area.

This is our last day in India as we leave for the 15 hour trip to Newark NJ tonight at midnight. While it will be great to be home I am not sure that I am ready for the cold and snow. Today we visited the Rotary supported school in Delhi for poor and handy caped children and they presented this dance. I have a great video but it is too large to upload to Youtube so I will have to wait until I get home to edit it down. This school is a mixed normal and "differently abled" children. The idea is that the handy caped children were not in a handy caped only school but were with other children that were not so challenged. The school was outfitted with ramps and busses with wheelchair lifts. The school included regular studies as well as computer, sewing and mechanical classes.

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