Friday, July 18, 2008

Do Yourself And Rotary A Favor....Surf The Net!

What is the perfect tool for Rotary?
It just might be the Internet. Why? Because Rotary is international. And the one tool that makes international communications easy is the Internet. Blogs, linkedin, Facebook, Web pages, Sykpe, emails, Youtube and more all make it easy to communicate with Rotarians on the other side of the world.

For example: Rotarians from around the world, who are planning to take a trip to a county to help people in need, communicate, plan and finalize arrangements for the trip via the internet. Blogs allow Rotarians traveling abroad, to report back to their clubs (and the world) on their activities ....with words and pictures. Facebook allows Rotarians around the world to share ideas and goals. Skype provides the means for Rotarians to hold meetings with other Rotarians, without even leaving their homes. Linkedin, makes it possible for Rotrians not only to communicate but also to share their profiles. YouTube makes news about clubs alive for other to see.

It is called the Social Media, and more and more Rotarians are starting to use it for all that it is worth. Yet, many still are missing out on all its opportunities. Rotarians, who have yet to discover all the beauties of this tool, should start learning and experimenting with its possibilities. Those that do, will become better Rotarians, and will make Rotary itself into an even better organizations. Start small, and be open to learning.

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