Saturday, July 5, 2008

We Serve Rotary Pancakes, Rotary Cereal and Rotary Bacon And Eggs!

We are a Breakfast Club, and we think the best reason to have breakfast (on Wednesday morning's ) is MV Rotary. We wake you up, we energize you, we give you plenty of reasons to feel good and we send you on your way to a great day!

In fact, studies show that the best day of the week for MV Rotarians is Wednesday! : ) And that is not good enough reason to have are some other reasons to have breakfast!

You Should Eat a Healthy Breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast provides you with the energy and nutrients that lead to increased concentration during the day.

Studies show that breakfast can be important in maintaining a healthy body weight.
Hunger sets in long before it's time for lunch, but because it's not convenient to eat properly, many people who have not eaten breakfast snack on foods that are high in fat and sugar.

People who skip breakfast are unlikely to make up their daily requirement for some vitamins and minerals that a simple breakfast would have provided.
Breakfast provides energy for the activities during the morning and helps to prevent that mid-morning slump.

Eating a healthy breakfast has been linked to better learning ability and memory functions.

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