Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why Do Some Rotary Clubs Do So Much And Others Are Doing So Little?

Is your Rotary Club falling short of its potentials? Why?
Are projects, fundraisers, community activities, international events just too challenging for your Club? Why?

How Is Your Club's Self Esteem
Do you have any idea what might be the problem? Why are other Club's accomplishing so much while your Club struggles to accomplish much less. Maybe the essence of your problem is your Club's self esteem. It believes it has a low potential to be able to achieve projects. "We can't do that because ................." Is that really true. The truth is that your Club has the same potential to achieve projects as other Clubs do. The difference it in the belief.

All Things Are Possible
In the book The Secret, readers learn that if they want to get things done, they have to start by believing that all things are possible. The same is true with Rotary Clubs. To accomplish projects and activities, Clubs need to start with the premise that all things are possible. Because they are.....

Two Ways Of Thinking
Positive thinking attracts positive results. For example, which approach does your Club have toward projects and activities... 1) Project are hard for your Club to accomplish...or 2) Any projects your Club sets out to can accomplish. Which attitude do you think is the one that you think is best for your Club to make progress on projects and activities?

Think Positive
If your Club thinks that getting things done is a struggle, then your Club is setting itself up for failure. But if your Club believes that all projects can be accomplished ...then your Club will be be excited at each meeting about ongoing projects and new projects.

Starts With The President
And that attitude starts with the President of your Club. If the President does not believe in its Club's abilities or his or her abilities, then the Club is going to struggle. But if the President believes that anything is possible, then anything is possible. The Club is only as good as its leaders.

It Starts With Attitude
Positive thinking attracts positive opportunities to succeed. Negative thinking create barriers for success. All projects and activities are challenging but the difference between Clubs that meet those challenges and those that don't start with attitude.

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