Saturday, January 31, 2009

Blogging Rotaries Together...One Rotarian's Goal!

MV Rotarian Dan LeBlanc has been visiting Rotaries in the Merrimack Valley area of Massachusetts to promote the idea of creating and linking Rotary Club Blogs together.

Dan's goal is to have all the Blogs linked together for two reasons. First of all, anyone who is researching Rotaries in this area can easily serf from one to the other. And secondly, all the Rotaries in the area can easily keep up with the happenings of each other

Why Blogs instead of Web pages? According to Dan, because Blogs are much more flexible than Web Pages. Articles, photos, power point presentations and more can be easily and quickly added. to the Blog. Plus all members can contribute to the Blog whereas only a few people contribute to the Web page.

So far three Rotaries have created Blogs: Merrimack Valley. Westford and Bedford. Dan has more presentations to come in the upcoming weeks.

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