Friday, January 9, 2009

Career and Business Networking Vocational Project

We're well on our way to creating a monthly networking event as part of our vocational avenue of service. Our goal is to develop a low cost high benefit evening for businesses and people to communicate in a social setting. The response so far has been very positive.

Currently we're looking at locations to hold the event in either Chelmsford or Westford. We've also created a new blog to help keep the communication going between events as well as become a resource tool for job seekers. The site address is . A link is posted in the side bar as well, see Connecting Businesses and People. Future updates will be made on this blog.

The plan is to have a kick off meeting in the 3rd week of February. Subsequent meetings would follow in the 3rd week of each month, from 6 to 8pm. Advertising to businesses, Rotarians and the general public should commence at some point in the next two weeks.

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