Saturday, February 16, 2008

Carl Good To Talk About His Rotary Trip To Bangladesh At Rotaries In North Carolina

MV Rotary member Carl Good, has taken his presentation of his recent Rotary trip to Bangladesh on the road. He will be addressing the Sandhills Rotary Club in the Carolina Hotel in Pinehust, North Carolina on March 26. They meet on Wednesday's at 7:00 AM. He will also be addressing the Pinehurst Rotary Club on March 18. This group meets on Tuesdays, noon, in the Pinecrest Hotel, in North Carolina. If your are in the area on either of these dates, drop by and see Carl.

Carl went on the trip to help immunize children against polio. During . the trip, the group and 700,000 other volunteers immunized 24 million children all on one day. It is an incredible story about the successes of Rotary! While he was there, Carl was moved by a Centre For Special Needs Children and is on a mission to raise funds for them.

Shown are some pictures of the Sandhills Rotary Club that Carl took when he attended a recent Sandshill Rotary meeting!
We invite member of these Clubs to come and have breakfast with the Merrimack Valley Rotary when they are up this way. We meet at Skips Restaurant in Chelmsford, Mass at 7:15 AM.

For more information about Carl's trip to Bangladesh or the Centre For Special Needs Children in Bangladesh, contact the MV Rotary at

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