Saturday, February 2, 2008

Rotarian Fred Lospennato Making Music And News

Merrimack Valley Honorary Rotarian Fred Lospennato has been making news and music lately. Fred and his accordion have been performing at the Cafe Madrid at 28 Alpine Lane in Chelmsford (across from the Post Office) on Friday nights. If you like good music, good atmosphere and good food, drop by on Friday Nights.

Also, Fred is making new as being very progressive with his computer generated music...take a look at this writeup in a music industry publication:

Fred Lospennato is a fine accordionist who has done massive research with his MIDI accordion and the Ketron XD3. The things he is doing are almost unheard of in the MIDI accordion world. Using his wireless accordion he has developed a system whereby he can change styles, using registrations, on his XD3. Using this method he can also call patterns in addition to built-in styles. Remarkable!! His web site is You can email him at

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