Sunday, February 10, 2008

MV Rotary Celebrates Inventor's Day and Thomas Edison's and Al Jean's Birthdays!

Recently the Merrimack Valley Rotary Celebrated Inventor's Day (which is February 11) with a presentation from its resident Inventor Al Jean. In the United States, Inventor's Day is celebrated on Thomas Edison's birthday, which just happens to also be Al's birthday.

What Is An Inventor?
Al said that that the definition of an Inventor is "one who contrives or conceives a previously unknown device, method or process. " So Al has plenty of those devices to be considered an honest to goodness, full fledged, high faulting Inventor. One that Thomas Edison would be proud of for all that Al has done.

Al's Inventions
Included in Al's Inventions are are the Squirrel Baffler, the Cane Caddy and the Rollamite. The Rollamite, which Al has patented 25 years ago, is a device to move objects with the least friction given to society. The Squirrel Baffler Al invented 3 years ago. During that time the squirrels succeed at making it to the seeds only 3 time. Al, true to the Inventor's spirit, made modification to the Baffler 2 months ago and so far, no squirrel has outsmarted the new and improved version.

Al says that patents for inventions have been around for 200 years, and the first patten was influenced by Thomas Jefferson in 1790! Al's first patent was in 1980. On average there are 1,000 patents a year. Thomas Edison, himself, had over 1,000 patents.

Al has inventions, but he has also had plenty of discoveries' Al said that a discovery is attributed to finding, leaning of, or observing for the first time. Some of Al's discoveries includes doing push ups to cure tendinitis; walking backwards to cure heel bone spurs; using Zantac to cure acid reflux ; leaning forward with feet flat to cure leg cramps, and taking care of mustard to heal burns.

Al says, " Inventing, has been one areas of life that has been fulfilling and gratifying for me."

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