Sunday, March 23, 2008

Former RI President Frank Talk's Words Of Wisdom: Recruitment


"The biggest reason why good people don't join Rotary is that we Rotarians don't ask them to. Oh sure, we ask our sons and daughters, our close business associates and friends to join sometimes, but we so often don't even think of our duty as (Rotary) advocates with most people we run across in our daily lives. That doctor I met who had brought his club president into the world has, in 49 years of Rotary membership only introduced one new member into his club. He told me he had delivered about 1,000 babies in his career. I think at least 10 percent of them would have been excited, related and deeply honored just as his club president was, if the doctor who brought them into this world had invited them many years later to join Rotary.

What a missed opportunity.”

Frank Talk, Former Rotary International President and Author

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