Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rotarian Creates New Site For Centre For Chidren With Special Needs In Bangladesh

Merrimack Valley Rotarian Carl Good has created a new web page for the Centre For Children with Special Needs, which is located in Bangladesh. Carl recently returned from a Rotary trip to the area to imunize children against polio. The Centre caught Carl's interest and the Merrimack Valley Rotary and others will be raising funds to help this organization.

The Centre is a project of the Rotary club of Banani Dhaka Bangladesh and the Merrimack Valley Rotary will team up with them to help the children.

The Centre's Objectives are:

To provide Community based rehabilitation
To train parents to take care of their physically challenged children
To impart a socially compatible living to physically challenged children
To change the attitude of community towards

Please visit the site

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