Sunday, March 2, 2008

What Do Aliens, The Boston Celtics, Stephen King And Rotary Have In Common?

In 1986, Aliens was the top movie, the Boston Celtics were the world champions and Stephen King's It was the top novel. Also, 1986 was the year that the Merrimack Valley Rotary Club was chartered.

At the time, all the towns in the area had a club so MVRC was formed as a regional breakfast Club. Today, 22 years later, several of the Club's charter member are still faithful attendees.

On March 5, present and past Club members will gather for breakfast and fellowship to celebration the Club's anniversary.

Paul Harris would be proud!!!

And who knows, maybe some Aliens, or Boston Celtics or Stephen King will drop by the Anniversary party!

What were the top TV shows in 1986?
1. The Cosby Show (NBC)
2. Family Ties (NBC)
3. Cheers (NBC)
4. Murder She Wrote (NBC)
5. The Golden Girls (NBC)
6. 60 Minutes (CBS)
7. Night Court (NBC)
8. Growing Pains (ABC)
9. Moonlighting (ABC)
10. Who's the Boss? ( ABC)

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