Sunday, March 9, 2008

Rotary Club Reunions Are Full Of Fun, Fellowship and Memories

You have heard of high school reunions, but have your heard of Rotary Reunions? The Merrimack Valley Rotary held its second annual Club Reunion on March 5 at Skip's Restaurant in Chelmsford.

It was full of
  • Fun!
  • Fellowship!
  • Old Memories
  • And New Memories!

It was a celebration of the Club's 22nd anniversary. The Club was founded by a group of business people in 1986 to serve the 7 towns in the Merrimack Area of Massachusetts.

And we were honored to have four of the founding members at the reunion in addition to many other familiar faces from the past and present.

One past member even brought his accordion to serenade the group. If your Club has never considered holding a reunion. we recommend it. It is a lot of fun, fellowship and memories! It was successful because existing members to the effort to invite past members; some even drove past members to the meeting.

Take a look at this video and remember, there people are doing this at 7:15 AM!

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